Donutella | Tokidoki FULL CASE Opening!! Donutella, Donutina, Donutino – Awesome Toys TV

Today we unbox a full case of the Donutella and Her Sweet Friends mini plush figures!! Take a closer look at all 8 adorable characters!!
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Donutella comes from a planet where sugar is used as energy. One day while out scouting the milky way for a new fuel source in her donut U.F.O., Donutella discovered planet Earth. On Earth, Donutella was excited to find a lot of sweets and treats to fuel herself and her people. Almost instantly Donutella realized that it would be much better to start a sweet colony here and invite all of her friends than to go back home.

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Music by: Topher Mohr & Alex Elena; Kevin MacLeod
Song: Dub Star & Son Of A Rocket
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